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AnneMarie Newman
May 12, 2019
In General Discussions
Tuiscint Counselling is trying to break down the stigma of counselling. Life struggles are a normal part of living. Some people will have the listening ear/support from their family and friends. However, not everyone has this available to them, some may feel too embarrassed or nervous to share with people they are close to. Other people may feel they are not understood, or they may not understand their own feelings, so they are unable to express them correctly to others. This is where counselling can be very beneficial, it provides a safe space for a person to explore their thoughts/feelings and express their emotions with an independent person. From experience in the therapy room, this process of self-discovery can be very emotional, eye-opening and may change the way you view the world and yourself. I have had clients tell me that they are unable to express themselves or don’t know why they are sad/angry and within a session they have found their feelings or know exactly why they are sad/angry. I am blessed to be on their journey and see their change. If you want to contact me, please text 085 7132070 or email to arrange a time that suits you.
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AnneMarie Newman

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